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Friday, April 27, 2007

Espiau's Mexican Salad

I ran across the following post on epicurean.com. I suppose that its time that I post my recipe:

In Response To: Re: Espiau's Mexican Salad Dressing (Linda)

Wow im happy to hear people are still enjoying my grandparents style of mexican food so much, especially the salad dressing.

Ok regarding the salad dressing recipe.

I'm the grandson of the owners and let me tell you this: My grandmother wouldn't give any of us the recipe not even my father. She held onto it really tightly and we all hassled her for years about it. Sometimes she'd make up stuff and say "Well I add a fistful of this and then I cuss at it for a while" etc. Only she and my grandfather knew the recipe and the owner of the Danson got it and that's all I know.

Weird huh. So I wish you a lot of luck trying to duplicate it as we've all tried for a long time. If you find the recipe let me know cause I'd like to get it myself. It really was TOP SECRET.

May you eat well and live long

Robert Espiau

: I too am looking for the famous Espiaus Salad Dressing recipe! I

: was in So. CA last month and bought a gallon of the stuff.

: Needless to say, it's already more than half gone! I'm not ready

: to drive 600 miles to buy more. I know they keep the recipe TOP

: SECRET, but I'm really hoping to replicate it someday.


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