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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Well, The Jim Spillers family just returned to Calhoun GA from a week in So Cal. This was our first time back since we moved out here almost two years ago. The weather pretty much sucked! Overcast, drizzle, wind, all of the stuff that makes it hard to just hang out outside. We got to see everyone we wanted to, but mainly uncle Boots and aunt Sharon, Boots has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is probably not going to be with us much longer. He is in real good spirits, and loves to remember the past, he talked alot about dad, and get's a little emotional when he talks about mom (his sister) But it was wonderful to get to see him.

Of course there were a couple of other things we had to do while we were there..

There is nothing better than In-N-Out and Everest for a little comfort food! Of course we hit The Danson, Jack In The Box, Carls Jr, Vinces Spaghetti, and Northwoods Inn for some Cheese Bread!

As much as we thought we would miss being there, it was more like we had never left. I kept thinking "OK, we will just drive south on Central, left on Palo Verde....... and be home" That part of it was kind of weird. The saving grace is that the old 'hood is pretty run down, the old house has been decorated like it is in Tijuana, and the park next door was still the same.
Boy it's good to be back in Georgia again!


Blogger Scott said...

I'll have to post my Mexican Salad recipe for you so you don't have to wait two years for your next trip to The Danson. Of course, I'll need your Date Bar recipe in return.

Blogger Scott said...

Boots looks good in your photo. It looks like your posting problems are gone. Did you have any touble posting the pictures?


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