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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ron Paul - Spillers Doc, Presidential Candidate

(8/11/07) - Long before he was Ron Paul, presidential candidate or Ron Paul, cable show hero. He was just Ron Paul, the neighborly doctor from Lake Jackson.

"I told my daughter, he delivered you and now he might be president," said Cherish Spillers.
Which is not a surprise to many of his former patients. Paul delivered more than 4,000 of Brazoria County's babies before and while he was a US Congressman representing the area.

"We always knew he had the potential," said Evelyn Brandenberg.

But Paul himself may not have known. He is a man, who despite 20 years in Congress, has a pretty low profile. Prompting even some of his supporters to ask - who is Ron Paul?

To their and Paul's own amusement, a lot of voters are taking the time to find out.
"To my surprise there were a lot of people thinking the same way I've been thinking," Paul said.
Which is, as Paul puts it, fiercely constitutional.

He opposes the United Nations but also wants to abolish the Departments of Education, Homeland Security, FEMA, NATO, NAFTA and income taxes. "My position is repeal the 16th Amendment and get rid of the IRS," he said.

He is wildly popular among his supporters which are a pretty eclectic bunch.
"I believe he's the only one who can save us now," said supporter Brandy Junk.

Full Article:
abc13.com: Meet Ron Paul: The Houston-area's presidential candidate

Full video interview with Ron Paul


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