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Sunday, September 26, 2004

What did YOU do this weekend?

Here is a pic of how the BigOJeep spent it's weekend


Blogger Scott said...

How long were you stuck?

Blogger Jim said...

We were in the canyon about 4 hours, watching a bunch of people trying to cross the mud in this same place. Jessica DID NOT want to try, but I shot across at about 35+mph. Left side was OK, Rt side was not as happy! A HUGE landcruiser hooked on and pulled us to the far side within about 15 min (oh ya, minus the front bumper and ends of the frame horns) Now we were un stuck, on the island side. We still had to cross back! Jessi wanted to walk thruogh the 18" deep mud if it ment not driving back across, but we finally convinced her. With a running start we made it back without any help!


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